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Popular Indie Game Only Up! Suddenly Removed From Steam


Today, the popular independent game Only Up! developed by SCKR Games, has been quietly and suddenly removed from Steam. 

The game can’t currently be purchased, and the developer has offered no public comment yet. Only Up! recently rose tom popularity after its release on May 24, 2023, thanks to the visibility provided by popular streamers including Dr Disrespect and more. 

Only Up!, which has been compared by many to another streaming phenomenon, Getting Over It by Bennett Foddy (who is currently working on Baby Steps), prompts the player to pretty literally climb to the sky in a world that has gone completely crazy. 

It’s inspired by the fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk” and tells the tale of a young teenager aptly named Jack who leaves his life of poverty to climb up toward the clouds over a variety of objects. Since you cannot save the game, the higher you climb, the more risky it gets, with the possibility of falling and erasing all your progress becoming more and more clear and present with every step you take. 

As usual with this kind of occurrence, Steam has simply removed the game without offering any explanation, so thefans of the game remain in the dark on why it has been removed and whether it’ll ever make a comeback on Valve’s storefront. 

We have reached out to SCKR Games for a comment on the situation, but we have not received a reply just yet. We’ll update this post if something of note is shared. 

Source: Simon Carless

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