PSN Partially Down on PS3, Leaving Players Worried

A large number of PS3 owners have reported that PSN has been partially down on the console with no sign of a resolution, leaving them worried. The issue seems to be affecting those who aren’t already logged into the PS3, with error 80710A06 preventing users from logging in or accessing Account Management.

Players worried Sony is sunsetting the PS3 as PSN remains down

The PS3’s subreddit — which is surprisingly far more active than the PS4 and PS5 subreddits — has been flooded with threads from concerned users. Screenshots show that the option to use an existing account to sign into the PS3 is unavailable, which is peculiar.

There are currently no issues impacting PSN on PS4 or PS5. Do note that Sony pulled the ability to create new accounts via the PS3 a while back, so not being able to use existing accounts means that PS3 users are currently locked out of PSN.

Before we jump to conclusions, this could all be a temporary glitch on Sony’s end. It’s unlikely that the company will simply pull the plug on PS3 without any notice. That said, the console is more than obsolete at this point, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Sony will eventually take it offline.

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