Recap of CES 2023: Edge AI, ADAS and More

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EE Times and AspenCore staff were on-site at CES 2023, in January, providing expert coverage on the latest and greatest developments at the conference. Our editors covered a wide range of topics, including edge AI, ADAS, wide-band gap semiconductors, health tech and more.

Here’s a recap of our coverage, in case you missed any of it:

On Tap at CES: Health Tech, Smart Mixers and Edge AI

Nitin Dahad, editor in chief of embedded.com and correspondent for EE Times, discusses latest news and industry trends from the CES 2023 Unveiled event, highlighting health tech, smart mixers and edge AI.




Cybersecurity Label for U.S. Coming as Early as April

Growth in the availability of commercial connected devices has led the NIST to create new cybersecurity standards to get IoT devices secure.




Infineon’s WBG Catch-Up With GAN Systems Acquisition

Infineon acquired GAN Systems for $830 million to bolster its WBG technology roadmap for next-generation power electronics.



ADAS is Back in the Driver’s Seat at CES 2023

Car OEMs, tier 1s, IC suppliers and software developers are aiming at ADAS applications while mentioning autonomous driving in future roadmap.



Navitas’ Design Journey in the GaN Semiconductor Realm

The CES 2023 floor was a good place to gauge the design progress that GaN semiconductor players like Navitas have made over the past years.



The Design View from GaN Systems’ Booth at CES 2023

GaN semiconductors were a prominent highlight at CES 2023 alongside EVs and other products built around energy efficiency objectives.



Partners Unveil GaN Audio Amp Reference Design

GaN Systems and Axign have developed a 1000-W Class-D GaN audio amplifier to enable smaller, more efficient and more powerful audio systems.



The Diverging Worlds of SiC and GaN Semiconductors

There are sweet spots for SiC and GaN power devices and there’s some fight on the edges between these WBG semiconductor technologies.

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