Rumour: Nintendo has 2 big re-releases to launch on current Switch after March 2025

A new rumour is currently doing the rounds online from PH Brazil, who was the first to note that the Switch 2, which was originally planned for release at the end of 2024, had slipped to early next year. He’s back and this time he says that Nintendo has two re-releases in the works which are due out after March 2025 for the current Nintendo Switch system. He says that one of these classic re-releases was originally on the Nintendo GameCube and the second one is a classic Nintendo 3DS title. He also added that these probably won’t be shown during the Nintendo Direct presentation which is confirmed for next month. Carrying on from this he speculates that Nintendo intends to fully support the original Switch, despite the fact that its successor will be available. This is because of the huge install base of the Nintendo Switch family of systems. Nintendo has plans for the transition period between the two systems, much like Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is still being supported, despite its successor, the PlayStation 5, launching in November 2020.


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