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TME is using its ECS stand to introduce clients to Hammond enclosure products which range from remote controls to multi-bay control cabinets


Hammond’s HM-1552 enclosure series was designed as an ergonomic component for constructing remote controls ranging from small machine circuit breakers to more complicated devices, such as hospital bed controllers. Products from the HM-1552 series include buttons and PCBs. Signals sent from the remote control do not have to be binary but can be, for example, transmitted wirelessly via an IR diode or by wire using a protocol operated by the target device. The ABS enclosures are IP54 rated, making them resistant to dust and splash-proof. Accessories include strain reliefs and wall brackets.

The HM-1557 series features square-based enclosures, available with side length from 80 to 200mm. They were designed to protect PCBs in an IP66 (ABS variant) or IP68 (PC variant) rated enclosure. The latter two can be used outside as they resist UV radiation and meet the UL94-5VA flammability rating. The enclosure’s cover is mounted with acid resistant steel screws, plus a silicon gasket. Spaces between the elements have been grooved to provide maximum protection from dust, oil, water and other harmful elements. Brackets are available for wall mounting.



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