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The best horror plays into our deepest fears, and confronts us with anxieties that we feel in our own lives. The Exit 8 effortlessly ties into something that terrified plenty of us. Getting lost in a subway. Not the sandwich shop, though that might unsettle us too.

There’s something especially unnerving about underground tunnels with their fluorescent lights and tiled walls. There’s no way of telling whether it’s daytime or nighttime. The whole place has a profoundly unsettling vibe that you might notice in particular after the crowds have gone.

A Strange Atmosphere

The Exit 8 traps you here. You find yourself in a seemingly endless network of tiled, white corridors dotted with signs and posters. There’s nothing but the buzz of the electric lights and your own footsteps as you wander this labyrinth.

Can you think of something worse than being trapped alone in an underground liminal space with little idea of what to do? Being trapped down there with.. something else. There are anomalies in the tunnels. If you find one, you need to leave. Promptly.

Find Your Way Out

Your only hope is to find the titular Exit 8, which promises a way out of this Backrooms-esque hellscape. It might not be easy to find though, especially with the strangeness of the tunnels.

Press on if you can, press on if you dare, and maybe you can reach Exit 8 and freedom.

The whole thing presents itself in truly stunning visual fidelity as far as environments go. Between the models, textures, and lighting, you could easily mistake the gameplay for real footage. This only makes the sense of dread way worse.

Sound like your favorite kind of nightmare? The Exit 8 is available from November 30th for PC via Steam. It’s available in both English and Japanese, though it’s not heavy on dialogue.

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Meriel is a games journalist and sometime game dev, writing content for GameTyrant and TheGamer before her time at Gamezebo. When not tirelessly documenting the mysteries of Roblox, she enjoys indie horror and getting wiped out by chariots in Elden Ring.

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