15 Games Cancelled Due To Embracer Layoffs


The mass layoffs spearheaded by holding company Embracer Group have led to the culling of over a dozen games that will most likely never see the light of day. Saints Row studio Volition shuttered this year, Crystal Dynamics slashed jobs, Gearbox may change hands amid two new games reportedly in the works, and in total, around 900 people — or 5% of Embracer’s workforce — lost positions.

Gamereactor reports that alongside the 5% workforce reduction, 15 games were axed. Considering how many people were given the boot, it isn’t that shocking that games previously in the works were shaken up by the ongoing restructuring efforts after Emrbacer and Savvy Games Group deal fell through.

It isn’t clear how many of these projects were in the later stages of development or public knowledge.

What do you think? Is it sad seeing 15 games canned due to corporate restructuring? Let us know below!

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