The Gorgeous ‘Art of Rally’ Is Coming to iOS and Android as a Premium Release Next Month Through Noodlecake Games – TouchArcade


A friend of mine who I trust on all things relating to racing games praised Funselektor’s Art of Rally () quite a bit for its console release. Art of Rally is currently available on all consoles and PC platforms, and while I haven’t played it yet, I do know it was quite a bit of a mess of Nintendo Switch. Today, the excellent Noodlecake Games has announced that it is bringing Funselektor’s Art of Rally to mobile as a premium release next month. The gameplay trailer for the mobile version looks great, and it is shaping up to be the best portable version. I know that’s a low bar given how bad the Switch port was, but this premium port might be one of the better mobile conversions if it delivers when it arrives next month. It will be discounted by 40% if you pre-order it before launch. Watch the Art of Rally mobile trailer below:

Art of Rally is currently listed for December 14th release on the App Store. If you’d like to try out the top-down and stylish racing game, you can pre-order Art of Rally on the App Store for iOS here for $4.99. Pre-registrations are currently live on Google Play for Android here for it. Check out the official Art of Rally website here. You can grab it on Steam here as well. I’m very tempted to grab it on Steam and Switch for a nice comparison with the iOS version that I want to review. Either way, I’m looking forward to hopefully a great portable version of Art of Rally next month. Have you played Art of Rally on any platform yet?

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