Turok 3 will release on Switch in Australia un-delayed, but isn’t meant to


A few days ago Nightdive Studio announced that the upcoming release of Turok 3 would be pushed back until November 30th. They needed a little more time with the game – fair enough.

However it now appears that despite the delay, here in Australian and Europe we’ll get the game on the Switch sometime later today, November 14th. It wasn’t planned this way at all, but clashes with holidays between Nintendo Europe and Nightdive have led to a very weird situation.

The game will still release here today, but it’ll have a few breaking bugs included – these bugs would have been fixed before the November 30th release date, but due to this miscommunication it’s not so simple. When the game does release properly on November 30th, we here in Australia and Europe will still have to wait until sometime in December to get the proper patch due to certification delays.

So if you see Turok 3 on the eShop today, just keep in mind it wasn’t meant to be there just yet and has some issues. We’ve included the notes above.


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