Wireless MCUs enable smart metering and monitoring


STM32WL3 long-range wireless MCUs from ST extend battery life beyond 10 years for use in smart buildings, smart factories, and smart cities. The devices employ a power-efficient, multiprotocol radio for long-range communication using license-free frequency bands reserved globally for industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) applications.

Based on an Arm Cortex-M0+ core, the STM32WL3 series features a dual-radio architecture to prolong battery life. The main sub-GHz radio transceiver provides a transmit current down to 9 mA at 10 dBm. It supports multiple modulations and an IQ interface for custom modulations.

The MCUs also contain a secondary radio with an autonomous wakeup receiver that achieves current consumption down to 4 µA in always-on mode. This dedicated radio operates over wide frequency bands, from 100 MHz to 2.4 GHz.

Onboard peripherals include an LCD driver; 12-bit, 1-Msamples/s ADC; analog comparator; DAC; and multiple timers. An LC sensor controller enables autonomous rotary-wheel based flow metering. Together with an integrated balun, RF power amplifier, and SMPS, these features minimize external BOM cost.

Housed in 32-pin and 48-pin VFQFPN packages, the SMT32WL3 MCUs supply 64 kbytes to 256 kbytes of flash and 16 kbytes or 32 kbytes of RAM. Prices start at $2.04 each in lots of 10,000 units. Sample quantities are available now.

STM32WL3 product page


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