Xbox Rewards weekly streaks and app could be coming to an end


Over the last year, Microsoft has been removing various punch cards and slashing the number of earnable points from the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox. Now, it looks like Microsoft will soon discontinue the app (along with the weekly set task in favor of the new Rewards hub introduced earlier this year.

Spotted by Idle Sloth on Twitter, a message has reportedly popped up for one user in Brazil when loading the app on Xbox that details Microsoft’s plans to simplify the overall Rewards experience by no longer publishing new tasks, including the Rewards Weekly Set, in the Rewards app on Xbox starting in December.

Microsoft seemingly ending Xbox Rewards weekly streaks and app

The following has been translated from Portuguese using Google Translate:

“We recreated, simplified, and integrated the Rewards experience on Xbox, making it revolve around the gameplay and activities players love most.

“With the new Rewards hub on Xbox, players will no longer need to have separate apps to earn or redeem Reward points on Xbox. Starting in December 2023, we will no longer publish offers in the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox, focusing new activities on the new Rewards hub. Basically, this change is intended to simplify and streamline the Rewards experience for players and help them access all Xbox-related offers and activities in one convenient place. The weekly series continues until the end of November, after which it will be retired in the app, along with the weekly sequence.

“Rewards with Xbox will remain part of the Microsoft Rewards program, and any points you earn on Xbox will continue to be associated with points from other parts of the program.”

The TrueAchievements team here in the UK is yet to see the pop-up on our consoles, and from what we can tell, the report above is the only mention of the Rewards app shutting down on Xbox, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt until Microsoft makes an official confirmation of the change. Of course, we’ll update you if we see more reports in other regions or if Microsoft makes a statement.

It seems that the writing has kind of been on the wall with the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox. The app has been gutted over the past 12 months, with Microsoft removing numerous punch cards and tasks. Looking at it now, in the UK, the only tasks left are the Rewards Weekly Set and the Shop & earn promo — it’s become a bit of a wasteland.

Elsewhere, Xbox recently slashed Microsoft Rewards points for the daily Xbox Game Pass achievement Quest.

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