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YouTube Launches Live Test of AI Ideas Generator for Clips

YouTube’s launched a live test of its latest generative AI feature, with its content inspiration tool now available to some YouTube Studio users.

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As explained by YouTube:

To make it easier for creators to decide what to dream up and share next, we’re experimenting with a tool that uses AI to surface content inspiration. If you’re a creator in the experiment and you navigate to Studio > Analytics > Research on desktop, you’ll see ideas for content you could create to share on YouTube.”

YouTube’s been experimenting with the feature internally for some time, with the platform’s Chief Product Officer, Johanna Voolich providing more insight into the process last month.

Essentially, the tool will provide content pointers and notes, based on viewer trends, to help you come up with ideas for your next clip.

So, say, as in the above example, you want to create a video about travel in Portugal, you could put that as the topic prompt, and the system will highlight related videos, while also giving you pointers on thematic content that you could create, even down to a full, downloadable content outline.

YouTube says that the tool will help creators tap into what topics that their viewers want to see more of, as well as fresh angles for creative concepts. Though the concern would be that, if this is based on existing content, much of the recommendations would be largely derivative, as it can only tell you what’s already resonating, not what’s coming next. Which could lead to a lot of similar content.

But at the same time, hooking into trends can help to drive more interest and engagement, and maybe, with this option linking into user behavior, there will be value to these tips.

There’s only one way to find out. YouTube says that feature is now available to a small number of channels that publish videos in English, with expanded access coming soon.

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