’24 Killers’ Gains Monster Abilities by Helping a Moon With its Scrapbooking


24 Killers wants you to free a bunch of monsters from a missile silo, take pictures of them, and then give them to Moon so you can gain neat powers.

It’s not every day that you get to help a celestial body make a scrapbook. Then again, it’s also not every day that you get to become a super intelligence that has become bound to a soldier’s corpse. Which was also something Moon did to you, by the way. Moon also locked up a bunch of creatures in a missile silo (the twenty four killers from the title), and you’re expected to release them, take their pictures, and pass them along to Moon. Except the silo’s elevator is busted. You can fix it by getting to know the strange spirts of the island (Whispers) and using them as currency, though.

24 Killers - several people and piles of books in a green room

This game has a wonderful, surreal look and feel that permeates the play, characters, and story. Things get kinda ridiculous here. I mean, can’t Moon take its own pictures? And why would it trap all of these creatures some place where it would be hard to photograph them? Don’t think on it too much. Just go out and start making small talk with the people of the world. If you can solve some puzzles, see through some Whisper disguises (they DO love to hide)  or find the right things, you can free some more creatures. As you let these beings free, your photographs will give you the ability to change into them and explore more of this oddball island. Super strength, fast movements, and stealth will help you get to new places and find new Whispers. So long as you don’t get too tired and collapse along the way.

24 Killers takes you to a world of goofy strangers and mischievous spirits, all running on their own schedules and doing their own thing while you work to become a more effective monster photographer. But what does all of this strangeness mean? How does it all connect? I don’t totally know, but I do know that it’s endlessly wonderful to see what creature or spirit I’ll meet next on an island filled with constant quirky surprises.

24 Killers is available now on Steam.

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