Rumour: Small update on Switch Zelda game featuring Zelda playable as main character

You may remember that a rumour was doing the rounds that Nintendo or a third party is working on a The Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo Switch which features Princess Zelda as the main playable character. Today, PapaGeno has given a small update on this project, stating that he will most likely provide more clarification in his June Direct predictions video and that the game is in no way related to the rumoured The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild enhanced port for the Nintendo Switch 2. Here’s what was said:

Can’t speak in depth about it now but might in his June Direct predictions video

It’s not related to the haircut concept art for TOTK. He just used that imagine as an opportunity to Tweet out the hint

It’s not related to the rumored BOTW enhanced port for Switch 2

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