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What happens when you combine islands, monkeys, and point-and-click adventure games? No there’s no Guybrush Threepwood here. We’re talking about Tourist Trap, an upcoming adventure game that gives you the classic experience in a whole new setting.

You take on the role of Lucas, an ordinary tour guide in the holiday hotspot of Santa Ballena. The South American town is struggling with the effects of its bustling tourist industry. Not all of the town’s problems are quite so typical though.

Some Local Color

Lucas can wander around Santa Ballena and meet some of the colorful locals that inhabit its streets. These include a family who wear paper bags over their heads, a priest in the back of a pickup, and a clown.

Wait, it only gets weirder from there. Lucas’ life quickly spirals as he begins taking instructions from a talking monkey. Doesn’t it always?

Being a sensible individual, Lucas follows a talking primate in a Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas bucket hat into a secret lair on the island and delves into the dark secrets that threaten to overshadow his community.

Monkeying Around

You make your way through the game, using your wits to determine the best way forward. Lateral thinking is the skill required in theory, though if you’re familiar with the genre you’ve probably spent more time trying to figure out some object puzzle moon logic to advance.

Let’s be honest though, we love them for the writing and the laid-back approach to playing that lets you enjoy the comedy and soak in the unique character, something we can already tell that Tourist Trap has in spades. Or buckets and spades.

Sound worth a look? You don’t have long to wait. Around two weeks in fact. You can find Tourist Trap on Xbox and PC via Steam from November 15th.

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