What is the Loom of Fate?

Throughout the three years that Genshin Impact has been available, the lore keeps expanding per each update. The story is ever evolving, and there are many things about the expansive world of Teyvat that are confusing. One of these intriguing pieces of lore is the Loom of Fate. This is something that has appeared in a few story quests, with lots of mystery behind it. But what is the Loom of Fate in Genshin Impact? We’re here to tell you what we know so far.

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What is the Loom of Fate in Genshin Impact?

The main quest is continuously expanding with each update of the game. You play as the Traveler, looking for your missing twin throughout all of Teyvat. There are seven nations in this world, with four already discoverable, meaning the end is nigh. Now we’re starting to see the mysterious Loom of Fate come up in quests, denoting to something with the Abyss Order. They are a group of antagonists that you and your friends fight and aim to defeat once and for all.

But what does this Loom of Fate have to do with the Abyss Order? The Loom of Fate was first mentioned during the quest A Herald Without Adherents. This is the second Archon Quest in the We Will Be Reunited act. One of the talismans dropped by a defeated Abyss Mage inscribes words referring to the Loom of Fate Operation. This operation aims to create a mechanical god, combining Osial’s transformed body and Field Tiller technology.

Genshin Impact What is the Loom of Fate

Osial is already an ancient god, so putting its body together with deadly technology would create a perfect monstrosity. Also, by the operation’s name, it seems that the Loom of Fate will be able to re-weave the threads of fate. With this mechanical god, the Abyss Order will presumably have control over whatever they desire.

Most recent mention of the Loom of Fate

In Caribert, Act Six in Chapter Three of the Archon Quests, you discover something new about the Loom of Fate. The founder of the Abyss Order mentions that his son became the Loom of Fate. This lets him weave his own fate and destiny, although we don’t know how. There’s not much else we know about how you become a Loom of Fate, or what became of the son.

For now, the Loom of Fate remains a strange yet dangerous operation that the Abyss Order is trying to enact. The answer to what the Loom of Fate is in Genshin Impact is still a tricky question to answer, but hopefully in the coming updates, we’ll discover more.

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